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Der Taylor Hobson Service

Die Serviceabteilung der Taylor Hobson Niederlassung in Deutschland

Taylor Hobson garantiert für alle Geräte umfassende Service-Unterstützung. Service-Wartungsverträge, flexible Aufrüststrategien und die Lösung individueller Messprobleme durch spezielle Sondertaster sind ebenso Bestandteil der Servicedienstleistung wie der normale Servicereparatureinsatz.

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What is AMECare? 
When you buy a Taylor Hobson product, you are buying one of the most accurate and reliable instruments in the world. We know that the performance of your Taylor Hobson equipment is important to your business. It is important to us as well.

AMECare is a range of products designed to ensure that your instrument(s) are maintained to the highest standards and calibrated with artefacts that provide traceability to national standards.

All work is carried out by our own engineers who are fully trained professionals dedicated to providing the quality support you need to ensure credibility of measurement results.

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