The New Intra Touch Contour

Dienstag, November 14, 2017

Taylor Hobson launches a new contour instrument based on the very successful Intra Touch platform. The Intra Touch Contour featuring 18 bit electronics gives 4 times better resolution than the industry standard 16 bit gauges. The new instrument also supports both high resolution and wide range inductive gauge options and both these are capable of measuring roughness and contour in a single trace.

Unique Patented Ball Calibration

Intra Touch Contour uses a unique patented ball calibration to ensure world leading linearity over the entire gauge range. Typical contour calibration methods using steps and flats use only a limited number of points in the range to calibrate, Intra Touch Contour calibrates all points throughout the range. Measure anywhere in the measurement range and still deliver the expected results.

Up to 32mm gauge range and down to 0.8 nm resolution:

Wide Range Contour Gauge:

32 mm range (120 nm resolution)
- High gain mode 6.4mm range (25 nm resolution)

20 mm range (75 nm resolution)
- High gain mode 4mm range (15 nm resolution)

High Precision Contour Gauge:

2mm range (7.6 nm resolution)
- High gain mode 0.4mm range (1.5 nm resolution)

1mm range (3.8 nm resolution)
- High gain mode 0.2mm range (0.8nm resolution)

90mm Z Adjustment as Standard

The system also boasts a built in 90mm Z height adjustment and optional 450mm column to accommodate large or tall components.

Windows 10 as standard

This new system operates on a Windows 10 all-in-one PC platform providing touch screen as well as keyboard and mouse input. Full instrument control, analysis and report generation including tolerancing and data export options are provided from a single simple to use Contour software package.


Talyprofile is the dedicated software package designed for use with the Intra Contour, there is a choice of basic or advanced software depending on the customer requirements; from simple analysis functions such as basic dimensioning, distance measurement to more complex functions like full contour analysis and Gothic arch analysis for more demanding applications.